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EDS Launches Internet Billing in Europe

EDS launched its Interactive Billing Services in Europe, offering an electronic bill payment and presentment (EBPP) service that allows businesses to send interactive bills and statements using e-mail, corporate intranets and other Web-based applications.

In Europe, more than 20 billion bills are produced every year, EDS said. The company is already delivering electronic bill presentment services for customers in the U.S. such as MCI Worldcom and Bank One.

"We don't expect corporations to scrap their legacy billing systems, which are a very valuable investment for them," said Jay Ruuska, vice president of interactive billing services at EDS Europe.

"What we do: integrate and transition the legacy system to a Web-based system, and bring our clients into the Internet economy as quickly and efficiently as possible."

EDS interactive billing is designed so clients can use any delivery channel, whether it is the Web, home-banking services, or emerging channels such as personal finance software.

In addition, EDS said it is addressing data security issues by processing European bills and statements in Europe.