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Sirius Signs ADSL Deal, Telstra Announces Trial

Australian data communications provider Sirius Technologies announced it will manufacture and market high speed ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Loop) devices featuring a chipset from Alcatel.

Under a co-operative agreement, Alcatel will be working with Sirius to promote the high-speed technology among Alcatel customers. The ADSL devices based on the Alcatel DynaMite chipset will include modems, PC Cards, routers and multiplexers, capable of operating at speeds up to 8Mbit/s.

"ADSL is the dawn of an era where high speed broadband Internet access will become a commodity, with the potential to change the way companies and consumers interact with and use Internet technology," said Mike Quigley, general manager of Alcatel Australia.

In related ADSL news, Telstra announced a comprehensive trial of the ADSL high-speed data service, which will utilise the existing copper wire network.

The initial trial will involve around 100 selected wholesale and retail customers on 10 exchanges in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. With plans for the next phase of the trial involving approximately 1000 customers. Both phases are expected to be complete by July 2000 and rollout beyond the trial period will be based on demand.

According to Telstra, ADSL will make it possible to: provide high-speed, 'always-on' Internet access; allow people to make phone calls while simultaneously surfing the Net on the same line; provide superior data security; and support for interactive video, such as video games.

For the trial period, Telstra will work on connections between the customer's premises and the exchange at upload speeds of up to 256 Kilobits per second, downloading at up to 1.5 Megabits per second.

"ADSL technology would significantly expand the reach of high bandwidth access," said Rosemary Howard, managing director, Telstra domestic wholesale. Telstra has confirmed that Alcatel will be the tenderer chosen to supply new generation access equipment the Customer Multiplexer, and associated management system that will support broadband services on the copper network.

The Customer Multiplexer is a recently developed access platform that will support voice as well as future data and broadband services on the existing copper wire distribution network.

Telstra has also announced that it will begin trials on a new download music delivery service. Loading Zone, as the service will be known, brings together recent developments in high bandwidth networks, secure transactions and secure music downloads.

From early October, the trial will present a range of audio, video and information to 10,000 narrowband and up to 5,000 broadband Telstra Big Pond subscribers. Telstra will be using the Liquid Audio digital distribution software to deliver the service.