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Yahoo! Taps Inktomi's Search Engine

Yahoo! Inc. and Inktomi Corp. today announced they have signed an agreement in which Inktomi will integrate a Web search engine into Yahoo!'s Web directory and navigational guide within the next 90 days.

The popular portal player said that the new Inktomi search engine will work with its existing navigation system in order to provide increased Web search options. In addition, Yahoo! said that Inktomi's search-generated page views will be folded into Yahoo!'s advertising and merchandising inventory.

"Yahoo! delivers a strong and effective distribution platform enabling Inktomi to reach a comprehensive, global Web audience," said Dave Peterschmidt, CEO of Inktomi. "The combination of Inktomi's innovative search capabilities with Yahoo!'s intuitive, high-quality navigation services will provide users with a powerful resource to maximize the value of the Internet."

San Mateo, Calif.-based Inktomi says its search engine is capable of indexing over 110 million documents. Inktomi's search system employs parallel and cluster technologies and includes carrier-class network cache systems.

Yahoo's Web navigator uses directories based upon subject, demographic and geographic content. Instead of using automated "spiders" as most search engines do, the company's staff is responsible for reviewing and indexing Web sites that they then sort by content into the directory.

"Yahoo! remains committed to providing its users the best integrated Web search service throughout our comprehensive, global branded network of properties," said Jeff Mallett, CEO of Yahoo! Inc. "Inktomi's tightly integrated search service complements Yahoo!'s leading content, communications, community and commerce services to offer a superior experience for all levels of Web users."