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Mecklermedia Acquires One Inc.

Mecklermedia Corp. today announced the acquisition of One Inc., the organizer of ISPCON trade shows and publisher of Boardwatch Magazine, for $29.5 million in cash and stock.

Littleton, Colo.-based ISPCON is the biannual trade show of the Internet service provider (ISP)industry, and also hosts attendees from national backbones such as MCI and Sprint, as well as smaller ISPs. In addition the show draws an audience from sectors such as local telcos, long-distance carriers, cable-television operators, paging companies, CLECs, and satellite companies.

"The ISP industry is the most dynamic vertical growth area of the Internet industry, and the properties we are acquiring are the leading trade show, print and Web site resources for the ISP professional and related personnel," said Alan M. Meckler, Chairman and CEO of Mecklermedia Corp. "There are currently over 4,800 ISPs in the United States and thousands more around the world. The number of ISPs is growing."

"Overseas, we will quickly add ISPCON shows to our portfolio beginning with an Australian event in August 1998 and a UK event in October 1998," Meckler said. "Also, we will combine the acquired Web site with our ISP position on Internet.com, making Mecklermedia the center for ISP information in unique visitors, page views and content."

Boardwatch Magazine focuses on the Internet, World Wide Web, BBSs, and the communications industries, and, while aimed primarily at ISPs, also attracts readers in the software-development community.

"Boardwatch magazine is a profitable monthly magazine with a paid circulation of approximately 25,000, which is integral to the promotion and success of the ISPCON events," Meckler said. The magazine's editorial and sales functions will remain based in Colorado.

Jack Rickard, the president of both ISPCON and Boardwatch, will continue with Mecklermedia as a monthly columnist for Boardwatch and as a weekly columnist for Internet.com. Rickard will also serve as an advisor for the ISPCON trade shows. "Through Mecklermedia's international team of over 20 overseas trade show partners, we gain the potential to quickly expand our presence globally at precisely the time that growth in the number of ISPs in Europe, Latin America, India, and Asia is taking off -- areas of intense interest to our existing advertisers and exhibitors," said Rickard.