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Amplify.net Announces iSurfRanger for Broadband Service

Amplify.net today announced iSurfRanger for Broadband Service, an end-to-end broadband access service management solution for carriers, service providers and enterprises.

Amplify.net's new iSurfRanger solution provides automatic and dynamic provisioning, which will allow a network service provider to reduce service order costs, improve customer service and offer value added services.

"One of the major advantages of broadband is that it offers a large access pipe that enables a huge amount of information to be transmitted," said Roger Brown, Editor-in-Chief of Communications Engineering & Design (CED) magazine.

"Cable and broadband wireless networks offer 'fat' pipes that can bog down when shared by many subscribers without being segmented into smaller nodes. At the aggregation point, DSL bandwidth also becomes shared. Therefore, utilization and prioritization of the usage of this broadband pipe must be carefully and efficiently managed in order to accommodate the maximum number of users."

Key capabilities of iSurfRanger include:

  • Automatic subscriber provisioning -- allows a service provider to provision the bandwidth through the service order process rather than a manual process by the network administrator
  • Guaranteed class of service to each subscriber -- allows a service provider to offer individual level policy sets for each subscriber (up to 20,000 users per iSurfRanger) that enforce Committed Information Rates and Maximum Burst Rates for inbound and outbound traffic
  • Usage billing -- renders individual subscriber bills and imports bill face information into customer care platforms

List price is $15,990, available here.