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@Home and K-Tel Make Music

K-Tel International Inc. today announced it signed an extensive marketing and services agreement with cable Internet provider @Home Network.

The agreement's terms call for Redwood City, CA-based @Home's business division, @Work, to provide Internet co-location services for K-Tel in order for the company to expand its Internet marketing presence. K-Tel will gain services such as network management and placement of its corporate servers in off-site centers. @Work and co-location partner Exodus Communications offer turn-key, network-based solutions.

In addition, @Media, @Home's content and interactive-advertising arm, will be responsible for launching what it calls the first broadband audio and video promotional rollout for K-Tel. The promotion will feature sound clips and music-video snippets from the K-Tel catalogue available only to @Home subscribers. K-Tel will also sponsor @Home's music service, Tune-In, which provides online CD-quality music.

"Today's announcement underscores @Home Network's role as a leading provider of strategic internetworking solutions," said Don Hutchison, senior vice president and general manager of @Work. "By combining @Work's consulting expertise, @Home Network's large broadband audience and @Media's leadership role in K-Tel's promotional effort, K-Tel will have access to the resources it needs to secure a significant footprint in the Internet marketplace."

"This agreement establishes a relationship with a leading technology provider, significantly expands our access to broadband audiences and creates enhanced long-term marketing and sales opportunities," said David Weiner, president of K-TEL International.