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Embed HTML 4.0 Support into Your Applications

Transitive Dynamics, Inc.'s TranDyne HTML 4.0 Software Developers Kit was recently released, designed to allow software developers to embed HTML parsing capabilities directly within their applications.

According to the company, tools will support all compilers compatible with the ANSI C/C++ specifications, and use of the tools in compiled applications carries no runtime fees or royalty requirements. Full C/C++ source code for the tools will be available.

The kit consists of the TranDyne HTML Foundation Classes (HFC), "strict" and "extended" grammar/parse engines, and pre-built code libraries for the major supported compilers. The HTML Foundation Classes contain an abstract class for each HTML tag, and a tag management class. The Strict parsing engine contains support for only standard HTML 4.0 tags; while the Extended engine adds support for various HTML extensions provided by specific browsers such as Netscape or Internet Explorer.

The TranDyne HTML 4.0 SDK is expected to be available as a beta version in late November. For pricing information, contact the vendor.