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Microsoft Court Date Set for September

U.S. District Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson announced today that the Department of Justice-Microsoft antitrust case would begin September 8, turning down Microsoft's request to delay the case until December.

According to an Associated Press report, Microsoft attorney John Warden, addressing Judge Jackson in response to the court date, said: "With the greatest respect for your Honor, that isn't enough time for us."

"I tend to believe it is," Jackson was quoted as saying.

Yesterday Microsoft filed motions in an effort to stave off a government preliminary injunction that would enable computer manufacturers to either remove Microsoft's Internet browser from Windows 98 or include Netscape's Navigator browser in the software bundle.

Warden told the Associated Press that as of next week computer makers can start shipping PCs with Windows 98 to stores and consumers, with individual software packages scheduled to hit stores on June 15.

Warden added that Microsoft's Windows 98 promotional blitz begins June 25.