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CompuServe UK Adds TheatreNet and TicketMaster Listings

CompuServe UK has added TheatreNet and TicketMaster listings to its Internet portal, offering users theatre information and make secure bookings online.

TheatreNet is the UKs most popular theatre Web site, receiving over 1 million hits per month. It provides information about London's famous West End theatres as well as details of repertory shows in the provinces.

TicketMaster is the UKs leading ticket company, from which users can purchase tickets online for most major sporting, entertainment and cultural events.

"If you want to see a pop concert, a Premiership match or have an evening at the theatre, these new services will virtually eliminate the need for listings magazines, telephone enquiries and queuing at the box office," said Jemma Patton, senior producer at CompuServe UK.

"Now you can check everything from a seating plan to ticket availability in one place -- all thats needed is CompuServe UK and a credit card to find information and book tickets online, securely and instantly."

Both TheatreNet and TicketMaster will be linked to CompuServe's entertainment section, and TicketMaster can also be accessed from the lifestyle and sport channels.