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Telstra Debuts Remote Access Over ISDN

National telecommunications carrier Telstra has announced a new portable satellite communication service that will provide an ISDN connection almost anywhere on the planet.

Telstra MiniSat MultiMedia, which will be launched in Australia in November, will provide standard ISDN rate of 64 kilobits per second from a terminal weighing less than five kilograms and folds up to the size of a laptop computer. An attached or cordless handset can be used for voice calls.

According to Telstra, the service has been developed to allow high speed Internet access, as well as video conferencing, and fax and voice facilities, to be accessible from one portable terminal. The service is targeted at roaming users for whom remote access to the Internet, an intranet, and other facilities is necessary, such as people working in the mining, oil and gas, construction, government and media sectors.

MiniSat MultiMedia will be previewed at the Telecom 99 exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland, from October 10-17, and at Australia's international mining exhibition AIMEX 99, which will be held from October 19-22 in Sydney.