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Embratel Offers New Internet Products

Embratel has launched a family of new Internet/intranet products focused on all sizes of businesses and ISPs.

The new services are IP Direto-Intranet and Business Dial, divided in Simple Internet, Virtual Dial and Office Dial. The goal is to add the remote dial-up access solutions needed by corporate users.

IP Direto-Intranet offers IP connectivity supporting TCP/IP applications, and provides connectivity among the intranet segments of a given company. This service also connects intranets over a public IP network, following the extranets formation concept.

Business Dial access is established through a dial-up connection over standard phone lines, through phone numbers specific for each location. The price charged per call will be the same as of an ordinary call. The Simple Internet makes it possible for small businesses to have complete dial-up access to the Internet, e-mail, FTP, newsgroups and simplified Web page support.

The Virtual Dial service makes it possible for ISPs to outsource networks via a remote dial-up TCP/IP access infrastructure. The Office Dial, on the other hand, offers an IP dial-up access solution for employees, sales people and clients for larger comapanies that need remote access data to become available in a corporate intranet or the Internet.

Embratel will rely on 60 POPs, including all state capitals and major cities. Before the end of the year this network will reach 100 cities. Embratel Internet will be access through 800 numbers to those unable to access in more remote areas.