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CBS, Medscape Launch Consumer Health Site

CBS Corp. and Medscape Inc. Monday launched CBSMedscape, a new consumer health site that combines health information with health management tools.

"Our plan is to attract members and visitors by offering a superior consumer experience, with compelling content, community features and interactive programs that we believe will increase member and user loyalty, repeat usage and time spent on our site," said Paul Sheils, president and CEO of Medscape Inc. (MSCP).

The new site should be a hearty complement to Medscape.com, which was recently praised by the New York Times as a "medical goldmine" of trusted Internet health resources.

CBSMedscape will offer:

  • Authoratative, multi-level content backed by the long-standing reputation of Medscape's professional site, which includes basic and advanced articles to browse.
  • Easy-to-use interactive "health manager" tools allowing clients to simplify their personal health every day with features for health conditions, such as diabetes. A consumer can monitor blood sugar readings, etc.
  • An exchange of health content with CBS News (CBS) and on-air references to the new site in CBS News' healthcare programming, where viewers and listeners will be directed to the Medscape-CBS site for expanded online content related to the story.
  • Oversight by an editorial board of 20 of the world's leading physicians, clinicians and ethicists.
  • A strategic alliance with America Online to leverage Medscape's vast array of high-quality consumer-based health information to five AOL (AOL) portals reaching the largest consumer audience in cyberspace.

The Medscape deal is the latest in a series for CBS which has stakes in CBS MarketWatch and Sportsline.com