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Exclusive: Disney-Infoseek Sites Reach One in Three

The combination of all sites owned by Disney and Infoseek will reach nearly one-third of all Web site visitors. According to numbers obtained by InternetNews, the combined audience for all of the sites owned by the two companies is a total of 24.1 million web browsers; after projected duplicate traffic among the sites is eliminated, the unduplicated traffic is 17.9 million.

That gives the network of sites a reach of 31.5 percent of the approximately 57 million individuals who surf the Web. The figures, compiled by Relevant Knowledge, show that the unduplicated total for Disney and Infoseek still trails the current leader in Web traffic, Yahoo!, which had 32 million visitors in the month of April and the next closest site, Netscape, which had 21 million. With the increased promotion being hinted at in recent days, however, Disney and Infoseek have a chance to take the number three spot away from AOL, which had 19.3 million visitors in April.

Combined Disney & Infoseek Domain Reach

Sites Unique Visitors Reach 2452 4.3% 898 1.6% 2164 3.8% 843 1.5% 1143 2% 666 1.2% 3281 5.8% 12681 22.2%
Gross Audience 24128 42.4%
Unduplicated Audience 17956 31.5%

users: Relevant Knowledge, May 1998,, used by permission