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QuebecTel Launches Francopone Internet-Based Business

Montreal, CANADA - QuibecTel has introduced a new online business center, enabling Quebec companies to conduct secure transactions in French on the Internet.

This Business Center uses Sun-Netscape Alliance technology.

"At last, Quebec based-businesses can conduct confidential online transactions in French using user-friendly management tools to develop new services and new markets,'' says Andri Gagnon, vice president of Strategic Development, QuibecTel.

The first complete Internet-based Business Center for Quebec enterprises will be available online in March 2000, offering services including secure business transactions, management tools, communications tools, financial information and a complete line of search tools targeted at the Quebec business communities.

Each group of services is supplied by specialized organizations which are recognized in their respective field of expertise.

The first target clientele of the Business Center, which prioritizes business-to-business and business-to-institution transactions is SMEs and self-employed workers within Quebec.

The Business Center will subsequently target all French-speaking businesses around the world.

With this new Business Center, QuibecTel adds e-commerce to the range of capabilities made available to Quebec enterprises.