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Net Perceptions' Knowledge Management Tracks Data

Net Perceptions for Knowledge Management is a corporate data and knowledge repository tool that not only tracks an organization's explicit information (i.e., documents, data, etc.) but also attempts to track the individual experiences and expertise of system users.

By creating and maintaining dynamic Personal User Profiles (PUPs) the system can track an indivudal's own experiences and research and include that information within the database. Users do not have to specifically enter preferences and profiles; the system collects the information spontaneously as users seek information.

During knowledge queries, individual PUPs can be compared and analyzed in order to direct the user to both documented information and other people who may be able to readily answer the user's question.

"While efficient methods of organizing and retrieving documents is critical, the real payoff comes when companies enable employees to benefit from the work and experiences of other people," said Sang Kim, Net Perception's product manager.

The knowledge management system is built on Windows NT, and supports multiple database configurations including SQL Server, Oracle, and ODBC compatible connections. It is available now.

For pricing information, contact Net Perceptions.