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Liquid Audio Announces Liquid Audio Korea

Liquid Audio Monday launched Liquid Audio Korea, a company formed with the SK Group to sell software and services for the Internet delivery of music in Korea.

Based in Seoul, Liquid Audio Korea has signed digital distribution deals with many key Korean record labels. The new company is also celebrating the grand opening of its first retail customer, The Music Company, on October 1st.

Liquid Audio Korea is digitally distributing a music catalog that represents approximately 75 percent of Korean titles to retail customers such as The Music Company. As a result, Korean music fans shopping at The Music Company can purchase more than 50,000 songs from major Korean record labels including Um Jung Hwa, Yoo Soong Joo, NRG and the Street Poets.

In addition, fans can preview and purchase exclusive live music from sixteen top Korean artists headlining "The New Millennum Digital Concert '99" on October 9th as Liquid Tracks.

The Music Company is using Liquid Audio software to create a cyber-cafe music retail environment where fans can preview, purchase, download and record music as custom compilation CDs in-store.

"Liquid Audio's goal is to build a digital distribution network that enables musicians, record labels and music retailers worldwide to publish, syndicate and securely sell music in any country they choose via the Internet," said Robert Flynn, senior vice president of business development at Liquid Audio, Inc. "Liquid Audio Korea is the prototype for our international strategy: In each country, we team with leading companies, such as the SK Group, to implement the most appropriate digital music distribution solution for that market."

Running on a standard computer, Liquid Audio software enables The Music Company and other retailers to sell digital downloads in store to consumers via personal music compilation CDs. Music fans browse music, listen to previews, make music selections and record a custom CD.

Liquid Audio provides virtual fulfillment of a regularly-updated catalog of more than 50,000 songs in Korea and handles all the e-commerce transactions. As a result, retailers can dramatically increase the number of music titles they offer consumers.