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Nortel Networks Forecasts 150 Million European Internet Users by 2005

Far from being over, the European Internet boom is just beginning, said Nortel Networks, quoting a new report prepared for it by Ovum.

The new research forecasts that the number of Internet users in Western Europe will grow from 38 million today to 150 million within six years.

John Roth, president and CEO of Nortel Networks, announced the results of the report at the Telecommunications '99 trade show.

"The growing numbers of Internet users signals a bright future for e-commerce throughout Europe, where it is just beginning to really develop, compared to the U.S., which accounts for more than half of all online users and 75 percent of all e-commerce transactions worldwide," said Roth.

Other forecasts that were made in the study included an estimate that peak-time international bandwidth traffic in Western Europe will rise to 1,700 gigabits per second (Gbps) from its current 41 gbps, a 40-fold increase. However, voice traffic will represent only 3 per cent of the traffic, says the report.

"The study released today really helps to identify the infrastructural needs to support the next generation Internet and to help fulfill its true potential as the world's preeminent media for communication, commerce, learning, and recreation," said Roth.

Among the chief concerns of European Internet users are quality of service, security and confidentiality, according to Ovum. Slow service, in particular, was cited by most users, including latency and the high number of connection attempts needed while surfing.