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eBay Acquires Jump Inc.

Personal trading service eBay announced today the acquisition of Jump, Inc., the developer and operator of Up4Sale, an advertising-supported trading service in an auction format.

eBay said the move is aimed at providing the company with an additional environment in which to introduce future trading services. Financial details were not disclosed.

"The founders and employees of Up4Sale share eBay's vision of what it takes to be the world's personal trading community," said Meg Whitman, president and chief executive officer of eBay. "We believe that the long-term relationship between eBay and Jump will ultimately bring a great deal of value to our communities."

eBay said its one-to-one trading site hosts 850,000 registered users who trade items in more than 800 categories, including collectibles, antiques, memorabilia, trading cards, toys, dolls, coins, stamps, books, magazines, and jewelry and gemstones.

Up4Sale has 45,000 items listed in 27,000 separate auctions and 50,000 registered members. eBay currently operates the site as an independent service.