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Excite Integrates Classifieds With Auctions

Excite Inc. said its Product Finder, powered by Jango, Excite's intelligent shopping agent, has integrated auctions and classifieds listings to its online shopping search.

Consumers searching for a specific item on the Web are now given the opportunity to buy from online stores, bid in Internet auctions and bargain with people listing goods for sale in Web classifieds, Excite said.

Excite Product Finder powered by Jango is available through a direct link under the main search box on www.excite.com or in the Excite Shopping Channel.

A user interested in finding the latest Beanie Baby collectible, a golden retriever named Fetch, for example, can run a Product Finder search by entering the name or type of Beanie Baby into the name/description box and choose to include stores, auction sites and classified listings, or any combination of the three. The user can also choose to sort results by price or type of purchase opportunity.

"By integrating auction sites and classifieds listings into Excite Product Finder, we can give consumers more control over their online shopping experience," said David Sze, vice president, network programming and content at Excite. "We're committed to making it as easy as possible for people to find, research and compare products and buying opportunities online."

Redwood City, CA-based Excite said it is aggressively integrating auction sites and classified listings into all 30 categories of Excite Product Finder. Toys were first, and computer software, computer hardware and video games will be among the next categories.