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New Service Supports Browsing, Voice Calls on Single Line

e-Net subsidiary ZeroPlus.com Wednesday unveiled a new Speed Dial Service, offering consumers a glimpse at its new e-commerce strategy.

Also released was e-Net's (ETEL) Multiple Telephone Set Gateway.

E-commerce Web sites that use the Speed Dial service will let customers make free Net calls to their customer service centers simply by clicking an icon on their home pages.

Advantages of the Speed Dial device include:

  • Net browsing and calling may be completed simultaneously on a single line
  • Callers can talk directly to sales staff or customer service representatives to have their questions answered immediately
  • Customers can complete transactions online aided by a real person, alleviating concerns about sending credit information in cyberspace

"We anticipate that providing superior customer service online will be the next trend in e-commerce -- the current online retailer business model of selling solely on lowest price cannot continue," said Robert Veschi, president and CEO of e-Net Inc. "We believe consumers are willing to pay more for superior customer service."

As the other half of ZeroPlus' e-commerce strategy, MTS Gateway allows analog ports to be connected directly to a call center switch or Interactive Voice Response unit within a call center. This device also enables users to associate incoming calls to a route choice based on any criteria and may be swiftly integrated without requiring special equipment.

Ken Bajaj, chairman and CEO of AppNet spoke positively about the company's roll-out.

"The announcement of ZeroPlus.com SpeedDial allows e-business solutions providers such as AppNet the ability to truly integrate online businesses with their existing 'brick-and-mortar' investments to create a truly 'click-and-mortar' business."