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CollabNet Buys Software Startups

Collaborative software development firm CollabNet Monday purchased Enlite Networks for an undisclosed sum to bolster its staff and project management software lines.

CollabNet picked up the Mountain View, Calif. startup and its entire staff, as well as Enlite Networks India, a separate related company from Chennai, India. CollabNet also announced it has opened a development office in Chennai, as well as appointed former Enlite CEO, Dr. Gopinath Ganapathy, to vice president of engineering.

CollabNet's core software suite SourceCast unifies the distributed development process and includes applications for software development, technical communication, knowledge management, and project administration to help remote development teams work together. It automates phases of the software development chain.

Enlite Networks specializes in developing collaboration technologies and products for electronics firms. Its flagship offering, iGrid, lets managers monitor aspects of the product design process. iGrid is a likely complement to SourceCast.

By buying Enlite Networks, its India-based cousin and their respective staffs, as well as setting up shop in Chennai, Brisbane, Calif.'s CollabNet hopes to be able to significantly expand its sphere of influence in the east, where it will be able to hawk its SourceCast environment to a broader developer base. The firm doubled its engineering staff with the buy.

Apache Software Foundation Co-founder Brian Behlendorf set up CollabNet in July 1999 to address other aspects of software development. It backs up SourceCast with a suite of consulting services, and aims to help corporations cut costs by allowing them to team up for remote development projects. CollabNet hosts open-source sites for RealNetworks, Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein (a subsidiary of Dresdner Bank), and Sun Microsystems. In addition, the company hosts developer networks for HP and Motorola.

More generally, the move is indicative of the consolidation going on in the software space, as well as the push for management software to help developers, and by extension businesses, manage their application processes from a dashboard view. That is to say, administrators want a single, console-like approach to managing their networks. It also demonstrates the branching out of an open-source group to a more commercial arena.

In Enlite Networks Founder and CEO, Dr. Gopinath Ganapathy, CollabNet is getting a 15-year veteran of the technology, software and electronics industry. Dr. Ganapathy left Cadence Design Systems to launch Enlite Networks. Before Cadence, he was the chief technology officer at Silicon Valley Research. He also owns seven patents in architecture, testing and design.

For Dr. Ganapathy, the synergy was obvious.

"For the past two years, Enlite Networks has built a strong team of enterprise software experts, who have been developing core technologies to address the growing need for a Web-based system for globally and organizationally dispersed research and development teams," said Dr. Ganapathy in a public statement. "CollabNet has already established its leadership in enabling Web-based global collaborative software development across a multitude of industries. I look forward to joining the talented engineering team at CollabNet and running a world class organization."