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New Company to Offer Commercial E-Mail Solutions

Ashutosh Roy and Gunjan Sinha, the founders of the Web-based directory company WhoWhere? which was just sold to Lycos for $133 million in stock, have launched a new start up company called eGain that offers a solution for addressing the volume of customer inquiries that Web sites receive.

eGain, with its eGain Email Management System (EMS), said it already attracted customers such as Internet Shopping Network (ISN), Looksmart and Waiter.com.

eGain EMS is a Web-based software solution designed for end-to-end or "closed loop" customer service on the Internet. The system works to help companies cost-effectively manage incoming customer inquiries, from just a few e-mail messages to more than 10,000 a day.

eGain features a Web Component Architecture that allows the system to be distributed and scaled across multiple CPUs to meet the growing requirements of e-commerce businesses, the company said. It also provides for integration with other customer support systems or billing systems so that customer service representatives see one "view" that includes the customer's entire history with the company.

eGain sells its solution as a ready-to-go system with the product pre- installed or as an outsourced service maintained by the company.

"The eGain solution was developed from the ground up for online customer service, leveraging the Internet not as just a communications vehicle, but as a pro-active way to drive sales and increase customer satisfaction through outbound communication, personalization, self-help, automatic responses, and other innovative means," Roy said.

Available at the end of this month, eGain EMS will be priced at $50,000, with the hosted option beginning at approximately $3,000 per month.