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Internet Users Got Game

Nearly as many gamers play on their computers as they play with the PlayStation2 console, according to research from Lucid Marketing. The information, gleaned from surveys with nearly 600 self-identified gamers in late April 2003, creates a comprehensive image of the role the Internet plays with fun-loving consumers, along with a profile of the typical gamer.

While nearly 74 percent of the respondents indicated that they played games on their computers, and more than 77 percent said they played PlayStation2 (PS2), the console was the preferred platform (46 percent compared to nearly 27 percent for PC/Mac). Almost half (46 percent) indicated that they played PS2 the most, while nearly 27 percent played their games mostly on a PC or Mac computer.

But even gamers who prefer consoles indicate that the Internet is an integral part of their interactive activity. While most (40 percent) bought their games at a superstore, such as Wal-Mart, online stores captured more than 25 percent of gaming sales.

Not only are a significant portion of gamers buying online, they are voluntarily signing up for e-mail communications with game publishers, according to Lucid Marketing's research. More than three-quarters of respondents indicated that they always or sometimes signed up, with almost 59 percent saying they expected to receive download updates and add-ons to their games.

Additionally, more than 73 percent said that they would very interested or somewhat interested in communicating their opinions about games to publishers via e-mail, while 80 percent were highly interested or somewhat interested in getting e-mails with advance game release dates, information and cheat codes.

Creating an online community plays into the overall gaming picture too. More than 63 percent said that it was very important or somewhat important to play online against others, but more than half didn't place importance on whether the product sponsored the playing site.

The results of Lucid Marketing's survey portray a profile of the typical gamer — 19-to-34-year old male, who has played video or PC games for 9 or more years, and averages 10+ hours of playing time per week.