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Norton Internet Security 2000: All-In-One Firewall, Censor, Anti-Virus

Symantec's latest PC utility in the popular Norton series is Internet Security 2000, an Internet access security product that combines a firewall, censoring controls, and anti-virus protection in a single integrated product.

The firewall technology is provided to Norton by WRQ, Inc. and will prevent unauthorized Internet connections and protect private data on the user's local drives. The censoring functions allow parents to automatically block information sent through the Internet from their PC, as well as setup approved lists of URLs that their children will be allowed to visit. And the anti-virus capabilities of the program are, of course, provided by Norton Anti-Virus.

Norton Internet Security 2000 is expected to be available by the end of the year, at an ERP of $59.95 -- a price that includes one year of free updates to the subscription service.