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Intuit Picks RealSelect Property

In an effort to expand services for the rapidly increasing online real estate market, RealSelect and Intuit announced today they will enter into a strategic alliance.

RealSelect is the operator of real estate site Realtor.com, while Intuit owns Quicken personal finance software.

The partnership sets the stage for the companies to work together in conjunction with real estate brokers and other mortgage industry participants in developing new and enhanced online financial products and services, according to the companies.

"We believe RealSelect's skills and experience in the real estate space will be a perfect complement to Intuit's strength in providing online financial services," said Mark Goines, senior vice president at Intuit. "Our combined forces will enable real estate industry players to leverage, and home buyers to experience, an offering that will be unsurpassed by the competition."

Market research firm ActiveMedia cited the real estate market as one of five online business sectors poised for the fastest growth in 1998. In the past month, many of the Net's biggest players entered the real estate market, and today's alliance marks the latest in a series of partnerships and content deals for both Realtor.com and Intuit.

Realtor.com boasts 1.25 million home listings, and more than 3.8 million visitors per month to its site. Intuit makes Quicken financial software, and is behind Quicken.com, a finance site that reportedly receives over two million visits each weekday.

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