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Network Solutions Debuts Dot Com Toolkit

Internet domain name registrar Network Solutions, Inc. unveiled its Dot Com Toolkit this week, a small business resource center that provides tools and services for establishing Web sites and virtual storefronts.

Network Solutions said that companies in its Alliance Program such as MindSpring Enterprises and ValueWeb will offer services for the Toolkit, in addition to non-alliance companies including VeriSign, Inc., Thomson & Thomson, Inc. and Be Free, Inc.

The Dot Com Toolkit services are categorized into four areas: Starting a Business Online; Setting Up An Internet Presence; Managing a Business Online; and Promoting a Business Online. When users click on one of the sections, they are directed to a page displaying participating company logos and a description of their services. Users can then click on the company logo to go directly to its Web site.

Inc. Online jointly designed and developed the Dot Com Toolkit with Network Solutions. For more information on participating companies and services offered, see the Network Solutions Web site.

"The Dot Com Toolkit makes it easy for small businesses to take advantage of their Web address right away," said Doug Wolford, Network Solutions' senior vice president, sales and marketing. "There's no need to wait or research the next steps for setting up shop online."

"We've invited a select group of companies to participate in the Toolkit by providing another value-added service to more than 2.3 million current Web address holders and future businesses coming online. And we're pleased that many of our Toolkit participants will reciprocate by marketing Network Solutions' services on their Web sites," Wolford added.