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Chinese Bank Starts Campaign With Sohu, Netease, Legend

China Merchandise Bank is partnering with Legend Corp., Netease.com, Newsina.com.cn, Sohu.com, and 8848.net to launch the first-time campaign on network life in China.

Named "fly into new century and experience the excellent network life", the campaign is designed to promote the process of e-commerce in China and improve peoples knowledge in what Internet will bring to ones life.

The campaign planned to launch a line of e-commerce ads from now until January of next year. Aimed at promoting online payment, delivery and other forms of e-commerce in China, the committee of the campaign will sell extensive goods to targeted markets and consumers, especially during the holidays of Christmas and New Year, to increase peoples understanding of e-commerce.

According to analysts, although volumes of Internet visitors increased very fast in China, the application and popularization of e-commerce lagged significantly behind that of in developed countries.

Beside low levels of management and network technology, high online fees and low-efficiency of goods and service delivery, reasons for slow development of e-commerce in China may lies in lacking safe and convenient online payment methods, as well as consumers short of knowledge on e-commerce and online banking.

The campaign launched by China Merchandise Bank will enable consumers to access real online e-commerce and eventually promote the development of e-commerce in China.

Legend Corp., Netease.com, Newsina.com.cn, Sohu.com, 8848.net, and 70 other companies will participate in the campaign, report and track the activities of the campaign. Each company has also worked out an exclusive e-commerce plan to implement in its own web site.

In addition, more than 30 special-ordered online companies of China Merchandise Bank will provide consumers discounts. E-commerce may thus gain a real improvement and deep understanding in China through this campaign.