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Infoseek/Disney Portal Debut Slated For November

The highly anticipated Disney/Infoseek portal offering is set to launch sometime in November, according to Infoseek.

Plans for the portal were first announced June 18, when The Walt Disney Co. agreed to purchase a 43% stake in Infoseek Corp. in exchange for Disney's ownership position in Starwave and $70 million in cash.

According to an Infoseek spokeswoman, the portal will debut as an "umbrella brand," incorporating Infoseek, Starwave and Disney properties, including ESPN.com, ABCNEWS.com, Mr. Showbiz, Wall of Sound, and others.

As to the future of Infoseek, the spokeswoman said, "It will not go away as a site or a brand, but it will come under the portal brand and be part of a network."

Infoseek also said it expects to launch a new desktop software tool dubbed "Express," on September 22. It will be available on Infoseek.com and over one hundred other partner sites for download.

Reportedly the Java-based tool is designed to enable users to download multiple Web page search results at one time. The pages are kept within the computer hard drive, so that users can browse through the results via the PC rather than through the search engine server.