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BT Cellnet Offers Wireless Net Via Technology

Wireless software developer announced Tuesday that BT Cellnet will use its UP.Link Server Suite to support BT's new Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)-based services.

The new service, called BT Cellnet Genie Internet Platform -- available at -- offers a range of content and supporting applications such as e-mail.

"By continuing to partner with leading mobile operators such as BT Cellnet, has established the standard way for carriers to deliver the Internet to millions of wireless phone users worldwide," said Ben Linder, VP of Marketing at

"Our relationship with BT Cellnet marks a significant trend of broad-scale deployments of WAP-based services in the European marketplace."'s UP.Link Server Suite is an open system that makes it possible for interactive Internet information services and value-added telephony applications to run on wireless handsets running the UP.Browser microbrowser.

The extensive list of Genie services includes G-Mail, a Web-based email service, G-Info, with reports on subjects such as shares, sport and travel, the G-Live text alert service which brings users the latest scores of their top Premiership club, and G-Live Grand Prix which carries exclusive audio reports as well.

A second version, called U.Genie, is aimed at 16-24 year olds.