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Infoseek Speeds Desktop Web Searcher

Infoseek Corp. today formally unveiled its much-discussed Express by Infoseek, a free desktop product which culls results from multiple search engines.

Express simultaneously uses all of the major search sites, including Infoseek, Alta Vista, Excite, HotBot, Lycos, WebCrawler, and Yahoo! and other additional Web sites the user specifies. Returned results provide the source's origin, and users can also add and remove content sites in customizing Express, the firm said.

Operating within the browser, Express is designed to work by pre-fetching graphics, and anticipating where the user is going next on the Web. It then downloads results and graphics in the background while the user is working. A results box and pull-down menu enable seekers to alternate between results randomly or sequentially without having to use the browser back button.

Infoseek said more than one hundred categories are featured, including news, stock quotes, movie times, and weather. Users can download Express at the Infoseek site, and also at one hundred other sites, such as USA Today, IDG, The San Jose Mercury News, CMP, TV Guide, the Weather Channel and the Monster Board.

Infoseek Express is available for additional co-branding versions, the company said, citing additional distribution and exposure opportunities. Express is free to consumers since it is advertiser-supported.

Yesterday Infoseek announced that together with partial-owner Disney, it will launch a new portal site named Go Network, available in November.

"The number one thing people come to the Web to do is find information," said Steve Kirsch, founder and chairman of Infoseek. "Infoseek has long been a leader in search and navigation and we're committed to continuing that legacy. Additionally, we want to make people's lives easier and Express does that with a robust set of features that are not provided anywhere else."