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Andreessen Reveals Latest Venture

Marc Andreessen, the co-founder of Netscape Communications and former chief technology officer America Online Inc. (AOL), this week unveiled his latest project, Loudcloud Inc, which will also involve several industry all-stars.

Andreessen was short on details during the announcement. He would only say that Loudcloud will focus on helping Net companies develop their Web sites, handling more of the technical aspects, so companies may focus on the primary business.

"We are being deliberately vague," said Andreessen.

The company includes a managerial and technical team boasting members from heavy-hitters such as Netscape, Epiphany and Cisco Systems Inc. (CSCO).

"New companies are being formed at a faster rate than ever, due to the enormous business opportunities created by the Internet and the massive influx of venture capital investment," Andreessen told Reuters news service.

"If you look at any Internet company now they are all hiring software engineers, and network architects and systems architects and database architects," said Andreessen. "It just doesn't make any sense."

Andreessen said the rapid evolvement in the Net industry makes it impossible for businesses to meet their technology needs with packaged software. He said Loudcloud will look to fill "huge holes" such as these.

Buoyed by initial investments from co-founders, the company was formed in September and is actively recruiting more members. Andreessen said additional information about Loudcloud will come early next year.

In addition to Andreessen, the company's executives include:

  • Ben Horowitz, chief executive officer and co-founder: Led several divisions at Netscape and AOL, including directory and security products
  • Tim Howes, chief technology officer and co-founder: Co-inventor of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol -- the Net standard for directories.
  • In Sik Ree, vice president of operational architecture and co-founder: co-founder of Kiva software.
  • Jonathan Heiliger, vice president of operations: Built Frontier GlobalCenter's operations team and architecture.
  • Scott Dunlap, director of products: Defined and launched more than a dozen products at Epiphany and founded 4charity.com.
  • Jason Rosenthal, director of marketing and business development: Managed shopping and e-commerce product marketing at AOL and led Netscape's entry into the billing presentation market.
  • Mathew Hein, business development manager: Former Morgan Stanley investment banker who led several of 1999's hottest initial public offerings.