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Snap and Alexa Land On NeoPlanet

Bigfoot International, Inc. announced agreements to incorporate Snap and Alexa's Related Links into its NeoPlanet v 2.0 Internet environment.

NeoPlanet, launched in October of 1998, is a Web browser and directory described as an alternative to Netscape and Microsoft's offerings.

Under terms of the agreement with Snap, NeoPlanet will share branding on the Snap content pages accessed through the browser. Users can customize their start pages with the "My Snap" personalization tool, and will have direct access to Snap's leading content. Snap will also power a search button found on the NeoPlanet interface.

Users can access Alexa's Related Links on the "What's Related" button on NeoPlanet's interface.

No financial details were disclosed.

"The integration of the Snap portal and Alexa's services directly into the NeoPlanet browser interface transforms NeoPlanet into the next-generation Internet environment," said Drew Cohen, vice president and general manager, NeoPlanet.

"By branding NeoPlanet for third-party distribution partners, we are giving them an unmatched opportunity to improve their offering to consumers and distance themselves from the competition. ISPs, OEMs, content providers and direct marketers can put their stamp on the users' entire Internet experience, from the desktop to the co-branded Snap pages," Cohen said.