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R U Sure Debuts Click-Free Shopping Comparer

R U Sure, a year-old start-up and the latest creation of Internet entrepreneur Yossi Vardi, has unveiled the company's new application for comparison-shopping online.

The R U Sure's comparison application works invisibly while the user shops, until a customer selects an item for purchase. At that point, R U Sure pops up to mention other sites that list the same product for less.

"Imagine you go to a store, find a product and a bird flies on your shoulder and says 'I know where you can get it $5 cheaper,'" said Oded Vardi, R U Sure Company board member. "And the bird is objective [because] it doesnt own the store next door."

Still, some might be wondering what the big deal is -- the app is entering a crowded market, with thousands of other shopping sites and shopping bots offering the same service. MySimon, Shopper.com, Frictionless Commerce and Active Buyers Guide are just a few that provide personal agents to help the shopping selection process.

R U Sure thinks the answer lies in its unique click-free invisibility, allowing users to quickly and effortlessly find the object of their online shopping pursuits.

The current paradigm requires the user to leave the site and go to a special site to learn about the item they are buying, and that is not in accordance with the flow of the Internet, according to Vardi.

"The span of attention is very short and ease of use is mandatory," added Vardi. "We put a lot of attention into making the product zero-click."

Drawbacks to the application include the need to download over two megabytes of software on to a user's system, and persistent bugs that prevent the service from always finding the lowest available price.

However, the company is dismissing the concerns as growing pains, countering that a 2.0 version is already in the works, which will include new features such as an automatic form filler.

"Were now waiting to get the verdict of the users [to measure success]," concluded Vardi. "You cant fool Internet users."

The company was assembled by Eli Ventura, owner of Ventura Communications, and by Vardi, a mover behind Mirabiliss ICQ. Internet messenger ICQ, one of the region's major Internet success stories, was purchased by AOL last year for over $400 million dollars.