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MyWeb Pushes Online Shopping in China

MyWeb, the American company trying to make major inroads in the Chinese Internet business by selling set-top boxes, will partner with TVSN China to help spur e-commerce in that nation.

TVSN is China's largest television shopping network. Under the agreement, MyWeb will sell TVSN products on-line and TVSN will sell MyWeb's set-top boxes.

"The Chinese e-commerce market hasn't really yet taken off yet, due to major problems associated with payment and fulfillment, said T.S. Wong, MyWeb CEO. "But by working together, MyWeb and TVSN feel they can solve the biggest problems holding the full scale e-commerce boom back."

He noted that TVSN already has a fulfillment system in place and that cash can be collected upon delivery.

Although China has expressed reticence to have non-Chinese firms profit from the Internet there, MyWeb claims it has made significant progress in that market. Besides selling set-top boxes there, it also has a popular Chinese-language portal.

It has agreements with major players, such as Beijing Telecom, which is a subsidiary of China Telecom. While China has a population of more than one billion people, it currently only has an estimated four million Internet users.