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AIS, NetCreations Offer NetSearch

In an attempt to help users sift through the enormous amount of information found on the Web, American Information Systems (AIS) and New York e-mail marketerNetCreations have developed a new Web-based search utility.

NetSearch is a Web site designed to dispatch news, product announcements and general information on a variety of topics. The service automatically e-mails subscribers detailed information on topics including business,entertainment, music, finance and other professions. They can also choose to receive data from "The Big List" which features nearly 1,000 special interest categories.

"According to a recent Ziff-Davis study, 79 percent of Net users over 18 used the Web to obtain information about products and services," said Joshua Schneider, vice president of research and development at AIS, a Chicago-based Internet consulting service.

"At the same time, people find researching frustrating because the Web isn't very well organized and isolating relevant data is challenging for even the most experienced user. NetSearch provides a valuable service that addresses this problem--at no cost to the end-user."