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RadioWave.com Goes On the Air with ENCO Systems

Internet broadcaster RadioWave.com Inc. and audio systems distributor ENCO Systems Inc. are joining forces to deliver interactive radio via the Internet.

RadioWave.com will provide its RadioWave.com Player to users of ENCO's digital audio delivery system.. The media player offers interactive visual information coordinated with live radio programming for broadcast on the Internet.

"This mutually beneficial relationship not only provides broadcasters with the tools to create an interactive presence, but will enable radio stations to create new revenue from their core programming," said Larry Lamoray, executive vice president for sales and marketing for ENCO Systems.

"We're pleased to be working with a company like ENCO that consistently delivers quality solutions for broadcasters," said Greg Mackintosh, president of RadioWave.com. "Stepping up as leaders, they have demonstrated a keen interest in developing significant new opportunities in this next wave of radio."