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Register.com Divides Domain Services

Domain name registrar Register.com Inc. Tuesday restructured its services to address the different needs of corporate and individual users.

The company will split its business into retail and wholesale units. Wholesale will target ISPs and other large volume partners. Register.com said it can offer those customers domains at substantially lower costs than is currently offered to retail customers. It will also offer specialized applications to help large volume partners easily manage the domains of their customers.

Its retail division will provide the same service it has been offering to individuals wishing to register domain names.

The restructuring will enable register.com to better meet the needs of its increasingly diverse customer base, said register.com Chief Executive Officer Richard Forman.

"By separating register.com retail and register.com wholesale, we're making it clear to our high volume customers that we plan to help them offer competitive services -- not compete with them," he said.

Now that Network Solutions Inc. (NSOL) has opened up the domain registry space, many companies are vying for a prominent position in the industry. The move by register.com was made to improve its reach to the growing domain name market.

"We're determined to keep pace with that growth by continuing to organize our business around customers to make sure they each get the specific services they need and the highest value available in the market," Forman said.