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InstallShield Software Partners With VeriSign

InstallShield Software Corp. is partnering with VeriSign Inc., a provider of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and digital certificate solutions.

The companies will co-market VeriSign's Software Developer Digital IDs to enable the secure distribution of software by developers over the Internet.

Software Developer IDs allow software publishers to digitally sign software code, assuring customers that the software they are downloading comes from a verified source, and that it hasn't been tampered with or corrupted.

Support for implementing VeriSign Software Developer IDs has been bundled with two of InstallShield's leading Internet installation and distribution products, InstallFromTheWeb and PackageForTheWeb. Both products will also facilitate the acquisition of VeriSign Digital IDs and enable simultaneous installation and digital certificate set up.

"Our partnership with VeriSign will make it easier for developers to include digital certificates with their installations and provide the end-user with added security above and beyond standard encryption for e-commerce applications," said Brian Hall, vice president of marketing at InstallShield.

InstallFromTheWeb allows developers and end-users to easily "Web-enable" an existing Windows installation for a trouble-free Web-based software download and installation process. PackageForTheWeb, available with the company's flagship product, InstallShield Professional, enables the creation of file formats required for Internet delivery of a developer's component applications.

InstallFromTheWeb and PackageForTheWeb allow easy Software Developer Digital ID implementation by merely specifying the Software Publisher Credential (SPC) and Private Key (PVK) files.

Digital IDs are based on public key cryptography. The identity of the ID holder is bound to a pair of unique electronic keys that can be used to sign and encrypt digital information. The public key is widely distributed to users within a sealed digital certificate software file, while the private key is kept safe and only used by its owner.