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Qwest Scores $20 Million Contract With Centurion

Qwest Communications International Inc. and Centurion Telecommunications Corp. Monday sealed a five-year, $20 million contract.

Qwest will provide Dublin, Ohio-based Centurion with DS-3 (45 megabits-per-second)Internet Protocol(IP) connectivity on its nationwide fiber optic network.

Centurion is an Internet service provider and also offers high speed data services. Centurion recently launched a two-way, high-speed wireless Internet access service, known as FlashNetUSA. The FlashNetUSA system will integrate Centurion's 2.4 gigahertz spectrum wireless technology with Qwest's connectivity to create a high capacity wireless communications network. The network will carry mission-critical data for commercial, institutional and educational customers.

Qwest's domestic network is expected to span over 18,500 route miles and serve more than 130 cities, equivalent to about 80 percent of the data and voice traffic originating in the United States. Currently approximately 9,100 miles of the Qwest macro capacity fiber network are activated and construction has started on 17,955 miles. The entire U.S. network is slated for completion by the second quarter of 1999. Qwest's transcontinental segment extends from Los Angeles to Sacramento and across to New York.

"We are pleased to be working with Centurion, a fast-growing communications company well positioned to leverage the data transmission capabilities of both wireless and fiber optic communications networks," said Lewis O. Wilks, Qwest's president of business markets.

"Centurion is excited about entering into this agreement and relationship with Qwest," says Joe Reddy, vice president of marketing and sales for Centurion. "Centurion's rapid deployment of its wireless network requires access to a state-of-the-art fiber-optic backbone network that can support the speed, reliability, capacity and level of service that meets our needs and our customers' needs.

"Today's data intense business environment is all about speed and bandwidth. Centurion's wireless solution provides data transmission and Internet speeds unparalleled by any standard hard-wire connection, more securely and at a much lower cost," Reddy said.