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Startup Believes It Can End Switching Latency

Claiming it has technology that can break through today's current IP switching bottlenecks, Santa Clara, CA-based T.Sqware is introducing a line of "edge" processors that borrow from super-computing designs.

According to company representatives, T.Sqware's chips will make it possible to build switching equipment that can keep up with the speed of the fastest wire connections, such as SONET and DS3, with no latency.

The company claims that its initial products, the TS704 Edge Processor and TS518 TDM Concentrator, will provide switching performance that is 10 times faster than the rate at which data is switched per processor instruction today. Typical processors today can process about 1 million bits of network traffic per million processor instructions.

T.Sqware officials say their design will eventually allow the production of chips that can scale to speeds that are 100 times faster than today's switching rates. They claim the technology will be able to yield single products which perform all required processing at the physical layer, the data link layer, and the network layer (layers 1, 2, and 3) of the OSI network model.

T.Sqware was spun out of Temic and Matra Semiconductor. It is funded by $21 million in venture capital from Level One Communications, Walden, Atlas Venture, Alta Partners, Sofinnova and others.