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Shell Ireland Deploys Intranet with Silverstream's Aid

Shell Ireland Monday rolled out a new intranet system to allow for timely and frequent collection of each retail outlet's daily sales and wet stock control data.

The intranet, made possible with Silverstream Software Inc.'s application server, enables Shell to rapidly analyze each local pricing and sales situation for comparison against a nation-wide sample of the same data.

Teamsoft Limited to develop and deploy SilverStream-based intranet solution RETNET (RETail NETwork), which connects each of the 70 retail outlets, via a local internet connection, to the central application server located in Dublin.

Each site can transmit its returns daily and automated banking processes are provided from the SilverStream server. Company news is also available to each site via the RETNET application.

"The system delivers a dramatic increase in the frequency and timeliness of the retail sales information we receive," said Paul Walsh, retail IT manager, Shell Ireland. "This is critical to the efficient management of our business and allows us to continue to maintain our competitive advantage in the marketplace."

SilverStream is a global Internet infrastructure company providing software and services for developing and deploying Internet, e-commerce, intranet and extranet applications.