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Canadian Industry Adopts E-C Consumer Protection Principles

The Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC), Canadian Bankers Association (CBA), BCE Inc. and Telus have decided to receive the recently announced Principles of Consumer Protection for Electronic Commerce with open arms.

ITAC represents the Canadian information technology industry. With its partner organizations, it represents 1300 Canadian companies in the computing and telecommunications hardware, software, services and electronic content sectors. CBA and ITAC helped to develop these principles as members of the Working Group on Electronic Commerce.

"We have long maintained the adoption of electronic means of transacting commercial activities hinges on consumer and business trust. All parties must feel assured that the sites and services they use are secure and reliable," said Gaylen Duncan, ITAC's president and CEO.

Jean Monty, CEO and president of BCE Inc., Canada's largest communications company, said that the principles will help business meet consumers' needs and help avoid a patchwork of regulations in different jurisdictions. The principles will serve as a basis for work that is underway in the Global Business Dialogue on Electronic Commerce (GBDe) to enhance consumer confidence through industry self-regulation. Monty represents Canadian industry on the GBDe, an international panel of business leaders engaged in e-commerce.

The full paper Principles of Consumer Protection is available at Industry Canada's site.