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Verio Expands Network Services

Verio Inc. Tuesday announced several additions to its virtual private network (VPN) services aimed at U.S. businesses.

In an effort to improve its LAN to LAN performance and remote access and extranet VPN services, Verio said it will provide substantially higher-speed VPNs, VPN-enabled firewalls and personalized smart cards for user authentication.

In addition, the company is also launching managed VPN security services to provide outsourced VPN solutions. With these services customers do not have to invest in eqipment and technical advice, which could prove costly. The new enhancements are available to any size business throughout the country.

Featured in Verio's enhanced VPN services are three security products that protect Internet data: Watchguard's Firebox II network security product; IRE's SafeNet suite of VPN solutions and Axent's Raptor Firewall.

Firebox II system provides firewall protection for offices, encryption and remote management for a network of Fireboxes. SafeNet features include user authentication, random password generation, access control, hardware-based data encryption and packet authentication. Raptor Firewall offers an integrated VPN module with user authentication, data encryption and data integrity.

VPNs enable companies to use Internet-based connections to link offices instead of using leased lines and allow remote users or telecommuters to make local calls rather than dialing into the office LAN at long distance rates.

Verio said that information industry analysts target corporate VPNs as an emerging sector that could rival the improtance of voice-mail and e-mail. Analysts at Infonetics Research, Inc. say that 21 percent of U.S. organizations using networks expect to implement a VPN, with worldwide expenditures for service providers, VAR/integrators and VPN product manufacturers projected to reach $11.9 billion by 2001.

"These new VPN and security services enhance our industry-leading Web hosting and connectivity services," said Verio Vice President of Sales and Marketing Buddy Cunningham. "With our technical expertise, experience in designing Internet solutions and existing VPN and security experience, Verio is well-positioned to deliver a diverse range of Internet security and VPN solutions. Most importantly, these solutions help our customers significantly reduce long distance charges and traditional leased-line costs."