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EMUbase.com Gives IT Advice on EMU Projects

A new Web site was launched this week to offer practical advice and appropriate software to IT managers in Europe.

Called EMUbase.com, it offers expert assistance on European Monetary Union (EMU) projects and helps businesses find the consultants and tools most likely to be of use to company operations.

"Whether your organisation is UK based or actually in the eurozone, it is widely acknowledged that the scale and scope of an EMU project will have a much greater impact then any project before it, including Year 2000," said Peter Shaw, EMUbase.coms managing director.

"The demands on a business and its personnel coupled with the sheer scale of the project means that many organisations will need to seek out professional assistance."

At the site, visitors can search from a selection of national or internationally based firms divided into two groups: consultancy and software tool providers.

Keyword searching is implemented in the consultancy section, enabling companies to locate firms most suited to the task. For example, if a company needs consultancy that encompasses e-commerce, asset management, and e-banking, the site should be able to locate the right partner.

The software tools section offers a choice of over 60 providers who have tools for currency conversion, wrapping technology, impact analysis, project management, testing and other applications.

EMUbase.com claims that by bringing all this information together in one place, IT managers can save days or even weeks finding and comparing the various euro IT options that are open to them.