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Intel Unveils Wireless Net Center in Sweden

Planting itself in the center of Stockholm's Wireless Valley, Intel Corp. Friday unveiled its Intel Wireless Competence Center.

The center intends to bring industry leaders together to develop technology standards, products and services in order to bring the high-bandwidth wireless Internet market forward.

The think tank will serve as a resource for the company's global product groups and its ventures with other wireless Net players. Intel pointed to the 1998 Bluetooth initiative with Ericsson, Nokia, IBM and Toshiba and the 1996 Mobile Data Initiative as examples of alliances the new center would promote.

"Intel believes that wireless access will be a major Internet trend over the next several years," said Rob Eckelmann, Intel Europe, Middle East and Africa's vice president and general manager. "We're establishing a dedicated team in the heart of the world's wireless center to help develop solutions that operate seamlessly with the existing Internet client, server and network infrastructure."

Now an Intel neighbor in the region, Ericsson's mobile phone division president Johan Siberg said that his company looks forward to new mutually beneficial wireless projects.

The center is also a follow-up move to Intel's (INTC) recent $1.6 billion acquisition of wireless hardware manufacturer DSP Communications, Inc., which was approved by US regulatory agencies just yesterday. Israeli regulators approved the purchase last week.