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AdValue Launches in UK

Online media planning agency AdValue launched in the UK, offering "sophisticated online targeting and tracking software" for the European market.

The AdAnalyse system is unique to AdValue and allows marketers to see concrete, quantifiable proof of return on investment for online marketing spending, the company said.

The technology records what happens after a user clicks on a banner, tracking their progress and particular actions on a client's Web site to assess whether or not they complete the desired objectives set by the marketing team.

Clients have real-time access to the data and the information helps AdValue and its clients to adjust campaigns-in-progress to optimize results.

"For too long, the UK media planning industry has focused on click-through rates as a measure of campaign success. Placing some banners and hoping for a good click through rate is no longer enough.

We believe that having specific objectives in mind is the first step in effective online advertising. The second step is continuously measuring the cost of achieving those objectives and adjusting campaigns accordingly," said Jonathan Moore, UK managing director for AdValue.

AdValue, which offers an end-to-end online advertising solution, has other offices in the Netherlands and New York.