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Lycos, Microsoft to Launch News Site

Lycos Inc. Tuesday inked a deal to bring Microsoft's Slate.com content to a new co-branded news site.

The new site will focus on news and politics, particularly on the upcoming presidential elections. Lycos (LCOS) will carry nearly all of Slate's content on the new service and on the Lycos home page.

"As the 2000 election is gearing up into full swing, we are excited to announce this new content from Slate.com in our Lycos News Guide," said Ron Gamble, Lycos Inc.'s vice president of product management. "This alliance with Slate is an important addition to our already strong news coverage."

"With more and more people turning to the Internet as their primary source for news and analysis, it's imperative that top quality news coverage is available online," said recently appointed Lycos Network News editor-in-chief George Shirk, who previously was the editor-in-chief for Lycos property Wired.

"The Lycos Network takes a collaborative approach to news content, which is the best and only way to provide a complete Internet news experience for Lycos users."

No financial details for the deal were disclosed.