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Net2Phone Unveils Enhanced Telephony Product

Net2Phone Inc. Tuesday introduced its most sophisticated Internet telephony software -- Net2Phone V.10.

Net2Phone V.10 integrates advanced digital technologies for improved sound quality and a variety of new features, including Net2Phone's (NTOP) free voice mail, PC-to-PC calling, ICQ buddy PC-to-PC calling and PC-to-Fax solutions, in addition to the company's flagship PC-to-phone service. The new software is free and can be downloaded here.

"IP Telephony has always offered the promise of much more than just lower phone calls. The true promise of IP telephony is in all of the advantages and services that IP Telephony can offer versus traditional telecommunications. Net2Phone's new V.10 software can make that promise a reality," David Greenblatt, chief operating officer for Net2Phone.

Net2Phone, the first company to offer a commercial PC-to-Phone service, has included free PC-to-PC service in its new Net2Phone V.10. All users equipped with a multimedia PC and the new Net2Phone V.10 software can conduct voice conversations over the Net for free via Net2Phone's proprietary IP telephony network. Net2Phone V.10 users may also take advantage of Net2Phone's low global rates for PC-to-Phone service.

Those using Net2Phone's PC-to-PC service must designate a Net2Phone virtual number or nickname in order to be called by another PC. Future versions of Net2Phone will allow users to receive calls on your Net2Phone, via an actual telephone to these phone numbers.

Net2Phone's V.10 includes a host of advanced digital technologies for incorporating the features and service advantages that IP telephony can provide, with a quick download of the new V.10 software.

The V.10 includes new VoicEmail, which provides a free voice-mail service for sending and receiving voice messages. VoicEmail allows users to send, receive, record and listen to voice mail messages from the Net2Phone V.10 client to your e-mail box.