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ICANN Seeks Supporting Organization Applications

The Internet Corp. for Assigned Names and Numbers Tuesday posted guidelines for groups seeking supporting organization recognition.

Supporting organizations include regional Internet address registries and others with legitimate interest in domain name issues. ICANN's bylaws allow the body to delegate substantial policy development to the supporting organizations. ICANN has taken the view that puting the decisions closer to Internet professionals will produce better results and better working relationships.

Supporting organizations formally recognized by ICANN will be able to nominate additional members to ICANN's board of directors.

The guidelines are available on the ICANN Web site. Applications must be submited by Feb. 5, 1999. The applications will be reviewed at the open session of the ICANN board meeting in Singapore on March 3, 1999. Applications can be previewed and commented on via the Web site.

The bylaws initially seek an address supporting organization, a domain name supporting organization and a protocol supporting organization. Each group will nominate directors to the board.

"We want to clarify and expedite the process of forming the supporting organizations called for in the bylaws," said Michael Roberts, ICANN's interim president and chief executive officer.