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Netscape Signs Up More Than 10 Million Netcenter Members

Netscape Communications Corp. announced Tuesday that Netcenter portal memberships have more than doubled since July to more than 10 million.

Netscape launched Netcenter last year in an attempt to better utilize its Web real estate, which is the default homepage on its Navigator browser.

The milestone comes as Netscape has been beefing up the portal with new channels and services, including free e-mail, customization features and new content. New channels were added targeting children and families and local information. Netscape also rolled out a "smart browsing" feature which is available in the latest version of its browsers. The feature allows Internet users to navigate to Web sites by typing keywords in the destination box.

Mike Homer, executive vice president and general manager of Netscape's Netcenter division, said the milestone shows Internet users appreciate the way Netcenter has evolved.

"Netcenter has shown tremendous growth by adding more than 9 million members over the past year and has been extremely well received by consumers everywhere. People of all ages are discovering the wide array of high-quality programming and services that Netcenter offers to consumers," he said.

Netscape plans to launch a number of new Netcenter services in the coming months including channels dedicated to commerce, computing and the Internet as well as business-to-business areas.